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You will have heard a lot of negative press surrounding the Proactiv® range of skincare products. In some cases, people complain of the treatments simply not working, others tell some real horror stories.

But Proactiv® is a successful product, with many dedicated fans – and not all of them are A-listers earning big bucks from endorsements!

Does Proactive really work? There are many success stories out there. Proactiv® gives a lot of prominence to the stories of everyday users, as much as the celebrities, and rightly so. According to the website, the photos and videos they use aren’t edited. Those members of the public who profess to have had their lives changed by Proactiv® are telling their story in their own words.

One theme with these stories is that they usually avoid any of the technical or scientific detail of the treatment. They focus sharply on the emotional element of eliminating acne.

One example is the story of teenager Chelsea. According to her video, posted on the Proactiv® YouTube channel, it was hard for her to feel pretty with breakouts, and she didn’t feel herself while suffering from acne. Having used Proactiv® and seen success, she claims that knowing you have clear skin is ‘invigorating’, and you can ‘achieve anything’.

The video puts a layer of gloss on the story of course, but ultimately, it taps into the fundamental psychology of what makes us self-conscious humans so averse to having bad skin.

Don is another satisfied customer. In his video, he explains how, as an adult sufferer, his confidence in the workplace was affected. Don’s acne cleared up within a month, and so we see another psychological need met – acne sufferers crave results fast.

Mother of three Amanda used to avoid ‘as many social situations as possible’. This language really reinforces the idea those with acne carry, that they are not fit to be seen in public. Many sufferers identify with this, and long for the relief that Amanda got, now she no longer needs to worry about what she looks like.

It is telling that, despite the sound science behind the Proactiv® formula, these videos don’t even mention such things. They hone in expertly on what makes us tick.

The anti- Proactiv® reports will most often be from people who suffer from sensitive skin, or have specific allergies to the ingredients used.  But for those with the right skin type, and the right kind of acne, there is every chance of becoming another Proactiv® success story.

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